Cartel Coffee – Al Qana

Completion Date: February 2022

Area Applied: 115 m2

Client: Havelock One

System: Nuvolato Architop®

“Roasted Locally, Respected Internationally”, Cartel Coffee Roasters has hit the barista market as the new desired franchise for coffee lovers across the Middle East with its selection of exotic coffee beans and patient brewing methods. Initially beginning as a distributor for high-end coffee products, Cartel Coffee has rapidly grown in popularity and since, have began opening coffee shop facilities for their vast audience of consumers. Situated in Abu Dhabi, the first selection of coffee shops has begun catering for the residents and visitors of the Capital City over the past year with their alluring aromas and rich taste. The franchise has become a recognised name within the community and with the new Al Qana branch for Cartel Coffee now open to the public, we are delighted to have supported the design and construction requirements to bring this to life.

Designed by T. Zed Architects, the coffee shop was requested to display two colours of durable microcement flooring with a decorative finish to swoon the visitors. With the client requirements in mind, the specified product was Nuvolato Architop, supplied by our partners Ideal Work. Architop is a niche, cutting-edge material that is continuously specified by prestigious designers looking to obtain an industrial yet decorative finish. Due to the application method of the power trowel, Architop reveals cloud-like effects throughout the application and offers an endless catalogue of colours to support the designing process of our clients. The product greatly enhances the aesthetic of any facility it is placed in and offers extreme durability to withstand the foot traffic and furniture movements that it is faced with. Architop is also a seamless application which supports the branches staff members with its easy to clean design and contributes to the overall decorative value of the facility.

No matter the size or product, our workforce exhibit passion with every project. The synergy shown by our site team is unmatched and this continues to be shown in the beautiful, unrepeatable finishes that we produce throughout our portfolio of projects.