Eataly – Dubai Mall

Completion Date: 2021

Area Applied: 1,255 m2

Client: Azadea Group LLC

System: Acid Stain Architop®

Eataly; established in 2007, began with Italian businessman, Oscar Farinetti, converting a closed vermouth factory and transforming the location into Eataly’s first branch. Previously known as ‘Eat Italy’, the store focused on selling traditional Italian food whilst giving the customers the option to eat within the marketplace or take the ingredients home to cook for themselves. Over time, Eataly has managed to obtain over 40 locations across the world and with its recently expansion within the UAE, The Dubai Mall was chosen for its most recent opening. With an honorable establishment like Eataly and a grand location like The Dubai Mall, Duphill were honored to display our products throughout the restaurant.

Our client wanted to obtain a durable, robust flooring finish whilst creating a warm aesthetic to catch the attention of the many Dubai Mall visitors. For these requirements, our Nuvolato Architop® with Acid Stain finish was the perfect solution for the job. After the preparation of the previously tiled flooring was completed, the Architop® was applied directly onto the surface thanks to its flexible 3-4mm thickness. Supplied by our partners at Ideal Work, Architop® is not only visually appealing, but the durability of the material is unmatched. The restaurant will be subject to a vast amount of foot traffic and the material is guaranteed to handle the consistent traffic coming its way. Once the Architop® was fully cured and prepared, the Acid Stain was applied to give the restaurant an unrepeatable, abstract finish. The boundless selection for both material finishes gave our client a wide variety of creative choices and we are pleased to have created a breath-taking finish that cannot be replicated.

Our team, all highly qualified with our range of products, were able to apply the Nuvolato Architop® and Acid Stain throughout the restaurant and market areas, creating an outstandingly memorable finish. The Duphill workforce consists of craftsmen, each demonstrating passion to all projects they are involved in and the results from our motivated, cheerful team speak for themselves.