Jumeirah Park – Private Residential Garden

Completion Date: April 2022

Area Applied: 345 m2

Client: Landlord

System: Rasico®

Known as one of Dubai’s most desirable residential districts, Jumeirah Park is home to over 3,000 luxury villas, a leisure centre, retail pavilion and various parks and green spaces across the 1,000-acre area. The eco-friendly community was created by Nakheel in 2013 to accommodate to over 10,000 residents and provide a refreshing, yet authentic take on traditional districts throughout the city. Centrally located to encourage easy access to Dubai’s most popular areas, Jumeirah Park focuses on making a family-orientated community with its large gardens for kids to play and children’s play areas all around the area. The selection of various 3,4 and 5 bedroom villas all carry a similar design throughout and our client wanted to transform their outdoor area to stand out from the rest.

Rasico, supplied by our partners at Ideal Work, was selected for the outdoor areas due to its hard-wearing surface, extreme slip resistance and unique concrete finish. At just 3-4mm thick, Rasico was applied directly onto the previously tiled flooring and pre-existing concrete furniture, reducing the turnaround for the refurbishment, and minimising the site wastage drastically. Thanks to the endless colour options from Ideal Work’s pigmented mixes, our client was able to choose the specific finish and shade for the refurbishment with ease. The product is applied with a hand trowel and creates textured strokes throughout the entire application after final sanding, which supports the slip resistant qualities of the surface and creates a breathtaking, unique finish which is guaranteed to catch the attention of all visitors. Rasico’s unmatched resistance to water, UV rays and atmospheric agents makes it the perfect solution for exterior applications.

Our workforce, all highly experienced with our extensive selection of products, were able to give this garden and walkway areas a new life and nicely compliment the surrounding finishes. With each member of the team contributing towards every project we complete, our final finishes will continue to please our clients throughout the region. Whether it be a large commercial project or a smaller intimate residential project, our workforce always promises to deliver an outstanding finish with guaranteed longevity for our clients to appreciate for years to come.