Whether your surface is a floor, wall, ceiling or a piece of furniture, our products can achieve a distinctive finish that defines one’s identity. The variety of designs and combinations can cover all your surfaces to showcase an ultimate masterpiece.

Exceptional Flooring surfaces for all spaces

From Microtopping®️, luxurious Epoxy Terrazzo, Polished, Stencilled or Stamped Concrete to functional and decorative polymer resins, the choices are endless. All design genres ranging from Contemporary, Traditional, Rustic or Minimalist can be accommodated.

Unique, Vibrant and Infinite options

To all Designers, Engineers, End Users and Contractors, Duphill is your partner of choice.

Decorative, Industrial and Hygienic....
we cover it all

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    "The term Microtopping can also be interpreted as ‘Microcement’, ‘Microcemento’ and ‘Microbeton’."

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    "Bacteria multiply by splitting into two every twenty minutes therefore, in three hours one bacteria multiplies to over one thousand. This can be eliminated by installing a HACCP and ISO 22196 certified anti-microbial hygienic flooring system."

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    Due to its excellent adhesion, Microcement, a decorative coating made of cement, water-based resins, additives, and mineral pigments, can be applied to a wide range of vertical and horizontal surfaces. This building material can be…

    Did you know?

    "Over 70% of newly applied Microcement and Polymer Resin floors fail due to improper surface preparation."