Lixio and Lixio+ Terrazzo

Lixio® and Lixio®+ are extravagant seamless terrazzo systems which comprise of a cementitious base blended with premium aggregates such as granite, marble, mother of pearl and other semi-precious stones.

Lixio® can be installed as thin as 6mm and up to 12mm plus to create a jointless, luxurious floor finish with unparalleled beauty. With a limitless array of colours combined with a vast selection of aggregates, Lixio® delivers a truly bespoke floor.

Lixio® terrazzo is highly resistant to impact and abrasion resulting from heavy traffic which makes it ideal for commercial and residential spaces with minimal maintenance requirements.

Due to its cementitious nature and extreme durability, Lixio® is immune to colour degradation resulting from Ultraviolet rays and harsh climatic conditions making it suitable for use in interior and exterior spaces. Lixio® Terrazzo is the perfect flooring choice for museums, educational institutions, shopping malls, hotels and residential facilities due to the wide variety of textures it can offer ranging from slip resistant matt and satin, smooth and high gloss to a rustic hammered finish.

Lixio®+ is the next generation of Lixio® that is designed to emulate the traditional look of terrazzo from the renaissance period. Lixio®+ symbolises a classic look from the roots of the venetian terrace by incorporating larger aggregates (6-15mm) which results in a thicker floor section.

As a significant amount of the aggregates matrices is sourced as recycled content (both post and pre-consumer), both Lixio® and Lixio®+ are considered to be the most sustainable flooring options available.

Whether your feel is of a historical charm or simply a modern-day contemporary look, Lixio® and Lixio®+ can satisfy all design appetites.

With many permutations available from Lixio® and Lixio®+, Duphill’s artisan craftsmen can meticulously deliver the supreme quality demanded by these luxuriant systems.

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