Concrete Optik

Concrete Optic walls is one of Ideal Work’s most well-known inventions. With a build-up as thin as 2mm Concrete Optik replicates the aesthetics of fairfaced concrete with a natural element, urban look and overall rustic environment.

Based on natural cement and polymer technology, Concrete Optik is a seamless wall finish that can be applied on any existing vertical surface to create a natural concrete-fairfaced effect. The diversity of application can also extend to coating pieces of furniture and curved and uneven surfaces in both internal and external environments. Due to the excellent bonding capabilities and ease of installation, Concrete Optik is considered the ideal choice for renovation of existing vertical surfaces.

With a wide range of colours and textures, Architects and Designers can create bespoke and custom designs that concrete perfectionists crave for. Duphill’s team of artisan craftsmen guarantee that no two installations of Concrete Optik are the same. Through the meticulous handcrafting techniques, each Concrete Optik installation is designed to become an unrepeated masterpiece making it ideal for museums, residential, hospitality, fine dining, commercial and retail sectors

Architects and Designers have the creative freedom of selecting the panel sizes as desired. Through the custom sizing of the PVC sheets used to define Concrete Optik, the results are truly bespoke. Through this innovative technique, your walls are completely transformed in two days which represents time and cost savings compared to other conventional practices.

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