Metallic Epoxy Flooring

Metallic Epoxy Flooring Works in Dubai

Metallic floors are the bridge that connects durability with aesthetics. Epoxy floors are known to be amongst the most durable flooring systems that exist. Metallic floors are composed of a combination of clear epoxy resins and metallic pigments. Through this combination, a stunning mix of interlacing layers is created. Metallic floors offer a high-luster and an extreme unique appeal that cannot be matched.

Metallic pigments are formed of inorganic glitterised additives. When mixed with clear epoxy resins, it produces a pearlescent and lustrous effect. The number of available designs and finishes are endless. This is driven by the metallic pigments’ wide variety of colours and shades. Those metallic pigments create the exciting depth and multi-dimensional mystery within the floor finish.

Duphill’s team of craftsmen apply multiple techniques to manage the distribution of the metallic pigments. Through random colours mixing, colour spattering, alcohol dispersion or hot air blowing, the number of finishes is countless. The desired effects are achieved from a combination of vision, long expertise and creative talent that can only be offered by Duphill’s team. 

In addition to offering aesthetics that meet the adventurous nature of modern-day minimalists, Metallic floors also offer exceptional performance characteristics:

  1. Extreme durability and abrasion resistance.
  2. Low maintenance requirements. No polishing, waxing or buffing required.
  3. An interrupted application for a jointless (seamless) floor.
  4. Exceptionally high Chemical resistance.

Overall, Metallic Floors are considered a unique flooring solution that not only offers an unparalleled, bespoke and colourful appeal but also performs exceptionally well overtime whilst being cost efficient in comparison to other flooring systems with a far less “wow factor”

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