3d Epoxy Flooring

3d Epoxy Flooring in Dubai

New floor designs and trends emerge everyday to satisfy the limitless imagination of designers and end users. This is mainly to present creative and modern solutions to meet their demands. One of the trends that is gaining increased popularity day by day is 3D Epoxy floors. 3D Epoxy floors are becoming increasingly popular for use in the commercial, residential and entertainment sectors as a result of its high durability and endless creativity. It is considered the latest innovation in the flooring industry. 3D Epoxy floors are a perfect choice for renovation and redesign due to their thin section nature which eliminates the need to demolish the existing floors. 

A self-smoothing layer presenting the background followed by a high-resolution image of your choice. These are finally sealed with a high gloss transparent epoxy or polyurethane resin-based layer to offer the perception of gradation and depth.

Whether it is a set of geometric patterns, an aquatic experience, rock glaciers or even an inspired illusion of a broken timber walkway, 3D Epoxy floors can virtually capture all your wildest imaginations.

There are many advantages to installing 3D epoxy floors that encourage designers and end users to making it their preferred option. The most significant of which is the exquisite visual effect it creates as a result of the glossy nature of the final sealer layer. Through the combination of design, pattern and colours, 3D Epoxy floors can visually increase the surface area of the room.

Being used predominantly for Industrial floors, the Epoxy SL being the layer in contact with the surrounding conditions, is highly durable and virtually impermeable. This is in addition to its chemical resistance to acids, chlorines, bleaches and other daily cleaning detergents. Also Epoxy products do not burn, it is considered an optimum choice for environments where increased fire safety control is required. The life expectancy for 3D Epoxy floors can last in excess of 15 years.

Thanks to its seamless nature, 3D Epoxy floors have no joints or pores making it immune to ingress of water, dust, dirt or chemicals. Epoxy products do not create a friendly environment for the growth and settlement of bacteria and microbes which ensures the space is hygienic. Epoxy products are odourless and do not release any harmful emissions which makes them safe for human health as confirmed by Dubai Municipality and certified by Dubai Central Laboratories.

Through Duphill’s partnership with reputable vinyl suppliers, printing agencies and the most renowned epoxy resin manufacturers globally coupled with our team’s meticulous and precise installation techniques, your floors are guaranteed to offer a bespoke, alive and enjoyable floor for years to come.

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