Microtopping® Floors and Walls in Dubai

Microtopping® is the ultimate answer for those who require a seamless and original design for any surface. Ideal Work’s Microtopping® can convert any surface and give it a distinctive look. All it takes is a 3 mm thick touch of inspiration and a brand-new surface is created that enhances the vibe of the surrounding environment. In Dubai Microcement Microtopping® is a versatile finish that allows existing finishes to be transformed with ease as a result of the superior advanced technology and a variety of primers that are capable of adhering to almost any surface (concrete, all types of tiles, wood, metal, etc.) without the need to demolish it.

Microtopping® achieves extremely high resistance to climatic changes and is immune to colour degradation caused by ultraviolet radiations. One of the key features of Ideal Work’s Microtopping® is its significant low maintenance requirements in terms of ease of cleaning. The very nature of Microtopping® allows a fast and efficient installation with minimal disturbance to the surroundings and hence makes it the perfect choice for the renovation any surface.

Your taste of design defines the subsequent finish, from modern minimalist, classic, rustic or vintage – Microtopping® adds the ultimate charm to your style with a customised pleasure. Microtopping® stretches your freedom to satisfy your creativity, with countless shades and finishes, from clouds or acid stain to absolute matt or high gloss, the choices are unlimited.

Microcement Microtopping® in Dubai redefines the concept of continuity. Both internally and externally it is the perfect solution for those who reject the idea of joints. Whether it is a floor or a wall, plastered or masonry, washrooms or shower cabinets, or simply a staircase – Microtopping® is the ideal choice for a jointless surface free from interruptions.

Microtopping® introduces unmatched durability and flexibility, thanks to the polymer technology, enabling Microtopping® to earn superiority above any competing microcement system.

Ideal Work’s Microtopping® offers a limitless combination of colours and tones. The concentration and intensity of the colour varies proportional to the amount of liquid Colour Pack integrated within the Microtopping® mix, enabling Microtopping® to offer bespoke colours tailored to precisely satisfy your desired hue.