Textured Wall Finish

If you’re tired of the bland look of traditional emulsion and oil paints, textured paint might be just what you need. This rough and gritty application adds dynamics to any space, making it stand out and bringing a sense of vitality to your walls.

With a wide range of cosmopolitan souls connected to the Italian traditional technology, textured paints offer an infinite range of finishes for your walls. They represent a permanent replacement for wallpaper and adhesive-based wall coverings.

Textured paints are created through artisan Italian craftsmanship and the use of genuine raw materials such as Carrara marble powder or Etruscan noble metals. Laboratory research and testing ensure that the final product is harmonious, functional, sustainable, and comfortable for any design and use.

From Marmorin and bespoke plasters to sandy wall finishes, Duphill’s range of textured paints offers a variety of designs to choose from. Application methods and techniques vary based on the desired finish, with basic tools like paint brushes and rollers to more advanced tools like sponges, trowels, and spatulas used to create custom designs, textures, and feels.

Our range of textured paints continues to grow as we partner with the most prominent Italian manufacturers. We aim to offer a unique style that continuously thrills and becomes a lifestyle beyond just a wall.

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