Sassoitalia® is a natural stone blend, decorative aggregate system for creating unique and beautiful hard landscaping efficiently and economically. With Sassoitalia® you can create a variety of patterns, special colour shades and specific combinations with the addition of marble, limestone, washed pebbles and natural stone. Sassoitalia® gives ultimate freedom to create your own bespoke design.

Sassoitalia® is installed at a thickness of just 30 mm, resulting in an exceptional adaptability ideal for renovating existing surfaces. It is also possible to install Sassoitalia® onto newly laid (fresh or green) concrete. This methodology is particularly advisable in smaller areas. Once installed, the system becomes maintenance free, retaining its original rustic features over time.

Colours and aggregates can be selected by the designer or the end user using the many combinations offered by Duphill. The base colour of the mix is defined by a specific fibre reinforced blend (Colour Mix).

Sassoitalia® can be treated with special protective and penetrating sealers that promote anti-dust and anti-absorption features, to ensure a long-lasting appeal.

Sassoitalia® is also well suited in conference halls, automotive showrooms, high end outlets, retail malls, hotel lobbies, swimming pool surrounds, and exhibition halls.

mix is all recycled content. The Global Warming Potential (GWP) impact stipulates that the production and utilisation of floor coverings incorporating natural stones and minerals will result in significantly lower CO2 emissions. For example, the GWP of Sassoitalia® is 27% lower than of a terrazzo tile and about 74% less than that of large-format ceramics.

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