Acid Stained Floors

Acid Stained Floor in Dubai

Consistently Inconsistent shades, metallic effects, entangled veins: Acid Stained floors are the most vibrant floor finish amongst Duphill’s range. Regardless of your choice, a vintage or a contemporary effect, the key point is that Acid Stained floors offer a finish which is naturally bespoke, with unparalleled design, always different and always stunning.

Acid Stained floors are in fact a uniquely “hand crafted floors” that are executed according to the designer’s and end user’s criteria. Acid Stained floors are generated using specific acids from metallic salt compounds which react with the concrete and the free lime, sporadically changing the finish to deliver a unique and long-lasting variegated look. Duphill’s Acid stained floors create vibrant, rustic or radiant effects that mimic the aesthetics of natural stones or the vintage look of a deteriorated painting. The outcome is an unmatchable finish that cannot be replicated with other coatings.

Acid Stained floors have a supreme performance in comparison to other traditional paints or coatings as a result of its penetrative features as it forms one monolith. In essence Duphill delivers a decorative, acid effect concrete finish therefore providing higher durability and abrasive resistance. They are not subject to peeling, spoiling, cracking or fading.

Acid Staining works on all kinds of microcement based floors. Weather it is the brutal industrial finish of Nuvolato Architop or the smooth and warm finish of Microtopping, Acid Stain will add that final rustic touch and turn your floors into an unmatched canvas.

Acid Stain can also be installed to vertical surfaces to extend the continuous flow from the floors to the walls and the staircases. A solution that most finishes fail to offer.

Whether your surface is horizontal or vertical, it is possible to Acid Stain. Designers have long-awaited a solution to create bespoke and unforgettable spaces, Acid stain is the answer.

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