Microcement Concrete Floors and Walls in Dubai

Microcement Finishes

Currently, Microcement finishes are highly sought after in both global and local markets. Microcement refers to a coating made of cement that can be applied thinly (usually around 2-3mm) to create a unique concrete finish for any livable area. It provides the same appearance and texture as concrete, but at a significantly lower cost and weight compared to actual concrete.

Origin of Microcement

The origins of Microcement and polymer-modified concrete can be traced back to the 1930s, when a group of British scientists mixed cement with rubber. The resulting product was remarkable and displayed exceptional anti-corrosive qualities. Consequently, it was utilized in the shipbuilding industry by the British to coat the steel nails of ships, significantly enhancing their corrosion resistance.

Development of Microcement

Over time, in addition to natural polymers like rubber, various types of synthetic polymers in liquid, powder, or fiber form have been extensively used. The primary objective of incorporating different composites into concrete mixes was to produce products with improved mechanical and strength properties. After conducting numerous experiments and tests, scientists eventually developed Microcement formulations that could be utilised in our daily lives.

Duphill’s Microcement Family of Products

The Microcement family of systems is an excellent choice for achieving a unique and visually appealing finish that can only be achieved by skilled artisans and quality products. Our craftsmen’s application skills provide a distinct finish that can only be appreciated by those who value uniqueness over mass-produced items. The depth of the core material, cement, adds to its imperfect beauty. Our team of fully trained craftsmen, who have been with Duphill for over a decade, handcraft each finish with the goal of creating a masterpiece that is not only irreplaceable but also exceptionally durable with minimal maintenance required.

Each Microcement application is custom-made, resulting in a wide range of colors, shades, and textures, which is why it’s often described as “consistently inconsistent.”

Unique Features:

  • Can be installed onto most existing surfaces. No need to remove the existing floor finish.
  • Minimal thickness – No need to adjust the floor level, doors, or other terminations.
  • Seamless – Microcement does not require introduction of any new floor joints.
  • Continuity – Microcement can be applied with a continuous effect between floors and walls.
  • Bespoke finishes – Every application has its own distinct design that cannot be matched.
  • Easy to maintain and clean.
  • A huge variety of designs that suits any design intent for indoor/outdoor, dry/wet, light/heavy traffic and Office/residential/commercial areas.
  • Durability and Flexibility.
  • UV resistant – no discolouration when exposed to direct sunlight.
  • Heat resistant – Microcement is suitable for use on countertops and can resist temperatures up 200 °C.
  • Waterproof – Microcement is protected using a variety of resin-based sealers and water repellents that makes it perfect for wet areas (washrooms, shower cabins and kitchens) without any risk of getting damaged or degraded by the exposure to moisture.
  • Longevity – Microcement finishes have a very long life expectancy.

Microcement has become one of the most popular finishes in both interior and exterior design. It allows homes and businesses to achieve an industrial concrete-like look in areas where polished or poured concrete is not feasible. Microcement is the perfect material for creating a seamless surface that is not only grout-free but also offers a stunning modern design.

At Duphill, we have partnered with the most renowned Microcement manufacturers globally, making us the only solutions provider in the GCC region with an exclusive selection of over fifteen Microcement systems for floors and walls that can meet all your requirements. Our Microcement systems are suitable for different aesthetic features, indoor/outdoor use, level of trafficking, color shades, and virtually everything else you can imagine.

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