Food safety is vital for consumer confidence and the hygienic design of food processing facilities is central to the production of safe food and beverage products. Duphill backed by the top Resin hygienic flooring manufacturers worldwide are the market leader in specifying and installing the right floors for every Food and Beverage production facility. Whether the finish is smooth, semi-textured or anti-slip, whether it is a plain colour or decorative quartz encapsulated, Duphill has it all.

Why Resin Floors?

The sensitive nature of food processing environments and the risk of contamination demands that food safety be factored into the design and construction of a food or beverage facility at the planning stage. Resin flooring systems offer clients an enhanced hygiene performance resulting in a seamless finish.

Why Hygienic Wall Cladding?

Walls and ceilings are expected to be the areas with the highest exposure to dust, bacteria and viruses in any facility, and this makes it critical to cover them for protection. Hygienic wall cladding is designed to demonstrate ease of cleaning, which results in significant benefits for areas where hygiene is of paramount importance such as a kitchen, laboratory, or production and packaging areas. It is also able to withstand heat, cold and damp, which almost reduces the maintenance cost down to zero.

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