Sports Flooring

Historically, indoor sports venues relied on polyvinyl chloride technology for their flooring requirements. Whilst this has proven efficient for some time, PVCs demonstrated the following cons:

  • Extremely high Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) content. Vinyl emits high levels of VOCs into the air for long durations after installation. The release of those toxic substances negatively effects the overall indoor air quality certainly causing respiratory problems over time.
  • As a result of the extremely high VOC content release and emissions, the disposal cost of PVCs is significantly high. Recycling of post installation PVCs is not possible till date.
  • The need to having a welded seem between the width of the roll or tile forms a weak and vulnerable point of failure. This allows ingress of dirt, water and other contaminants which result in delamination of the PVC.
  • The short life expectancy of up to three to five years.

This wide list of disadvantages emerged and demanded an immediate upgrade. At Duphill, we partner with some of the leading European sports flooring manufacturers to offer you the best in seamless polyurethane sports flooring. Through these partnerships, we guarantee offering not only the highest level of comfort, underfoot cushioned feel and safety to our customers, but also install sports floors to comply with the industry regulations.

The Sports flooring systems we offer are engineered to provide the following benefits:

  • Seamless application (jointless).
  • Permanently bonded to the substrate.
  • Extremely Low VOC content.
  • Sustainability (VOC, recycled content (reconstituted rubber matt), recyclable packaging).
  • Life expectancy of 15 years +

Elastic and Durable, the various sports flooring systems are suitable for all types of sports venues, where increased levels of cushioning may be required, or other spaces where less flexibility is a priority. Polyurethane sports flooring systems can also be used in multifunctional spaces such as exhibition areas and school assemblies where flexibility and design (variety of colours) are both a priority.

This system comprises of several layers which are tailored based on the requirements and needs of each specific floor. The main layers of the build-up are:

  • Highly resilient granular rubber base mat.
  • Self-smoothing polyurethane wear layer with high elongation properties.
  • Wear-resistant UV stable matt topcoat.

The system has been tested to comply with EN14904 and DIN 18032-2. 

Duphill’s sports flooring range are designed to offer the lowest possible maintenance requirements. They are engineered to last for a minimum of fifteen years.

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