Rasico® is a trowel applied, cementitious, high strength and decorative system for external landscapes, offering an extremely durable surface yet with only a thickness of just 3-4 mm. Rasico® can be applied over new or existing surfaces and can provide a variety of innovative designs representative of unique finishes which can be tailored through colour selection and skilled craftsmanship. Rasico® also allows you to obtain a non-slip and fall-resistant surface, therefore the ideal choice for wet environments.

In addition to its extremely low maintenance and ease of cleaning, Rasico® demonstrates superior resistance to abrasion, oils, water, climatic conditions and Ultraviolet rays’ degradation. This comes as a result of the exclusive protective treatments to its surface.

As Rasico can be applied onto virtually any surface coupled with its rapid installation benefits, the cost efficiencies to the end user are immense. Duphill’s experienced team of craftsmen is capable of transforming a surface with an area in excess of 200 m2 to Rasico® in a span of two days. The surface can be accessible to receiving foot traffic 4-5 hours after the installation is complete.

Rasico® is designed to simply create a smooth transitional connection between interior and exterior spaces. Rasico® comes in two finishes, the traditional textured, concrete like design or the modernised developed flat and soft finish (touch effect).

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