Decorative Floors and Walls in Dubai

Decorative floor and wall finishes are a key element in the design process of any usable space. Whether commercial, residential, leisure, educational or office buildings, the floors and walls help define its identity, nature, and purpose. The wide variety of floor and wall finishes offered by Duphill is what differentiates us from the competition. Whether it is Microtopping®, 3D Epoxy floors, decorative Terrazzo or Polished Concrete, Duphill is your destination to satisfy your most creative design ambitions.

Decorative finishes can be divided into two major sections:

Microcement based Concrete Finishes:

Microtopping®, Nuvolato Architop®, Rasico®, Decorkrete, Stamped Concrete, Concrete Optik, Purometallo, Sassoitalia® and stenciltop.

The Microcement family of systems is the perfect option to obtain a unique and eye-catching finish which can only be provided by true artisan craftsmen and quality products. The uniqueness offered by our craftsmen’s application skills deliver a special finish that can only be appreciated by those who see no beauty in mass production. This distinctiveness is represented by the depth of the core material used, cement, which presents that imperfect beauty. Duphill can create exclusivity in any environment it is used.

Our finishes are handcrafted by our fully trained team of craftsmen who began the journey with Duphill over ten years ago. Each application is approached with one key objective, a masterpiece, irreplaceable, exceptionally durable and with absolute minimum maintenance required.

“Consistently inconsistent” is the expression often used to describe the vast array of colours, shades and textures created on an individual basis from each Microcement application.

Unique Features:

  • Can be installed onto most existing surfaces. No need to remove the existing floor finish
  • Minimal thickness, no adjustment in floor level
  • Seamless
  • Can be applied with a continuous effect between floors and walls
  • Bespoke finishes

Resin based Decorative Finishes:

Seamless Terrazzo, Coloured Quartz and Flake broadcast, Glitter Pigmented Metallic, High Gloss self-smoothers, and 3D Flooring – all of which can be applied in Epoxy, Polyurethane, Polyaspartic and Methyl Methacrylate (MMA) resin options.

Whether you want decorative flooring systems that can withstand continuous foot traffic or high point loads, Duphill can offer the combination of beauty and durability that you desire. Our coloured quartz and flake blends, semi-precious glass, marble and stone blends, or metallics all create radiant finishes that can stand the question of time, so you will continue to benefit from stunning floors that are as durable as they are aesthetically pleasing.

Design an exciting reception or lobby, a stunning commercial space or a spectacular arena, anything is possible with Duphill’s Terrazzo floor systems. With an unlimited colour palette and endless aggregates matrices, we can create anything you imagine. But the great looks you will get are only the beginning. Terrazzo is an easy-to-use flooring system designed to give you a glamorous and durable finish. It is most suited for high traffic areas such as schools, airports, hotels, hospitals, pharmaceutical facilities, exhibition centres, and government buildings. Our team of artisan craftsmen will meticulously install bespoke designed terrazzo systems to achieve your aesthetic aspirations.

Unique Features:

  • Unlike tiles, marble or carpets, decorative resin flooring provides a strong and permanent bond to the substrate.
  • Exceedingly high chemical and impact resistance.
  • Unlimited selection of colours and designs.
  • Seamless and therefore no harboring of bacteria.
  • Easy to clean and maintain.

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