10 reasons why you should use Microtopping!

Microtopping is a great alternative to regular concrete coating and is widely used for transforming indoor and outdoor spaces. Besides the floors, microtopping can be used for other surfaces like walls, ceilings, kitchen countertops, shower areas, wooden surfaces etc.

With a thin coat of just 3 mm, any ordinary-looking surface can be transformed into a unique and contemporary space. If you are looking for joint-free surfaces that are durable and weather resistant, then microtopping can be an excellent solution.

Use of Microtopping

Before diving into the details, let us first understand what microtopping is:

What is microtopping?

Microtopping, also called micro screed, or microcement, is a mixture wherein a special cement is combined with water-based liquid polymers and applied on any given surface. The coat is generally a thin layer that ranges between 2mm- 10mm, depending on the surface. It is mainly used for transforming or self-levelling the surfaces.

Let us now discuss the benefits of microtopping

Benefits of Microtopping:

Use of natural ingredients:

Microtopping is made from natural ingredients like special cement and liquid polymers manually blended on site. Microtopping is generally applied in coats, and the overall thickness of all coats is 3mm. It offers you solid surfaces that are also aesthetically appealing.

Easy to maintain

After microtopping, the surfaces are isolated for the first few days after the application. This allows the pores to close before they can take any traffic. Once the pores are closed, they can take any foot traffic and become resistant to scratches and spills. Later, the microtopping flooring is maintained more or less like any other floor. It can be cleaned using a mop and water.

Limitless Designs:

Microtopping comes in many colours and textures, and there is no limit to the versatility that microtopping can offer. It can be used for surfaces like floors, walls, countertops, shelving, furniture etc. There is a broad palette of colours one can choose from. One can attain different finishes ranging from smooth and sleek to rustic and anti-slip.

Allows the change of colour:

Microtopping also allows you to change the colour by applying sand and reapplying the microtopping to renew the surface. The colours are generally resistant to UV rays and are not subject to change over time.

Bathroom friendly:

As microtopping is resistant to water penetration, it can be used for bathroom floors, walls, shower cubicles and bathtubs. It has sufficient adhesion and adjusts its shape according to the surface.

Jointless surfaces

Microtopping can be applied seamlessly without any visible joints on the surface. Due to the use of special adhesives, the surface remains flat and smooth over a long period.

Performed by experts:

Microtopping is performed by experts with special knowledge and the required craftsmanship. This allows the surfaces to look perfect.

Wood friendly:

It can transform the furniture beautifully by modifying its accents. Apply a coat on a kitchen top, fireplace or park bench to transform their looks. Since it is waterproof, it can also be suitable for outdoor use.

Heat Resistant:

Microtopping is highly resistant to heat and shows no visible defects in hot weather or rains. It can also be used for kitchen countertops, but it is advisable to use chopping boards and suitable heat-resistant mats when using micro-topped countertops.

Can be used indoors and outdoors:

Microtopping can be used for both indoor and outdoor surfaces as it delays the penetration of water and salts. It is also resistant to UV rays and bad weather conditions. The microtopping floorings maintain a stable humidity level so that the concrete doesn’t dry out and remains strong for longer.

What options are available for microtopping?

Microtopping is an excellent work and can be used for wall coatings, surface finishes, kitchen countertops and any other concrete or wooden floorings. It is also used for self-levelling the concrete/ cement flooring without removing the existing surface.


If you plan to revamp any surface, then microtopping can provide you with a perfect solution. Microtopping Floorings will offer unmatched durability, finish and flexibility thanks to polymer technology. Each micro topping surface is unique, given the variety of colour options and finishes available. These surfaces are resistant to weather conditions and will last a lifetime.

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