5 Best Uses of Metallic Epoxy Flooring

The glory of epoxy flooring is unbeatable in the flooring solutions landscape. By providing a perfect blend between style and functionality, the metallic epoxy floor solutions have become the most preferred choice of architects, decorators and business owners. But what are the best places to use these flooring solutions?

Duphill Technical Solutions LLC believes in the supremacy of metallic epoxy floor coating. Their durability, beauty and functionality force us to encourage our clients to choose them for the floorings of their places. There are some places for which we recommend using this flooring solution the most. What are these uses? Continue reading this blog to know. 

5 Best Uses of Metallic Epoxy Flooring

Best Applications of Metallic Epoxy Floor Coating

The versatility of metallic epoxy coatings makes them suitable for a wide range of flooring solutions. However, below are the five best places that commonly use metallic epoxy floor installation. 

Office Lobbies and Hotels

Common areas in hotels and office lobbies face high traffic regularly. This highlights the need for a durable and robust flooring solution. But, functionality is not the only requirement of these spaces. They also need avant-garde aesthetics to keep the visitors impressed with their appearance. It is when metallic epoxy floor solutions come to your aid. The flawless beauty and functionality of these solutions make them the perfect choice for these spaces. No matter how many people walk over these floors daily, their sleek and elegant appearance remains undisturbed. Also, these floors are easy to maintain and highly durable. 

Schools and Universities

Another popular use of 3D metallic epoxy flooring is seen in schools and universities. These places also bear heavy traffic daily and need flooring solutions that require minimum upkeep. They also need floors that are easy to clean. Additionally, the floors in schools and universities must be safe for teachers and students to walk on. Metallic epoxy floors appropriately meet these requirements. They offer a seamless and smooth surface that allows easy dust and mud wiping. In addition to these functional requirements, epoxy coatings also fulfil aesthetic needs. They create shining and attractive flooring to elevate the overall appearance.

Kitchens and Dining Rooms

Yes, you can use these floor coatings for your commercial kitchens and dining spaces as well. The unmatchable allure of metallic epoxy floor makes it a popular choice among restaurant owners. They usually choose it for kitchens and dining rooms where durability and aesthetics are required in the same amount as the flooring. Epoxy floors provide you with the freedom of customisation. You can get these coatings applied on your kitchen and dining room floors in a texture of your choice. You can also choose a texture to make the flooring less slippery and more safe. These coatings are used for commercial kitchens and dining spaces due to their longevity and beauty. These coatings also allow easy cleaning, keeping the floors hygienic.


Garages might sound weird to you, but yes, it’s one of the most common places with metallic epoxy floorings. Garages need flooring solutions with minimal maintenance requirements and the capability to bear heavy loads. Metallic epoxy floors appropriately fulfil these requirements. These coatings are popularly used in commercial garages for their resistance to chemicals, smudges and dust. The resistance to damage due to heavy loads is another reason for their application in garages. Also, these floorings are resistant to staining, erosion and other damages, providing flawless flooring for several years. 

Retail Areas and Showrooms

3D metallic epoxy flooring is also popularly used for showrooms and other retail spaces. The flooring in these spaces are needed to be impeccably beautiful. However, they must also be functional to handle the heavy traffic. They must have a clean and high-end look to convey a business’ value and product quality. Owners of these places commonly choose epoxy floor coatings to provide the required shine to these spaces. Also, these flooring solutions offer ease of care, stain resistance and the ability to withstand heavy traffic continuously. The wide range of colours and textures allows you to choose the aesthetics of your preference. 

Best Applications of Metallic Epoxy Floor Coating

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Wrapping Up

Metallic epoxy floor coating is gaining immense popularity due to its top-notch style and functionality. These floor coatings have become a top choice for all the places listed in the blog. However, the list does not end here. Their superiority is increasingly enhancing their use. They are being used in both industrial and commercial spaces. 

If you are impressed with the allure and functionality of metallic epoxy floors, contact Duphill Technical Solutions LLC today. We offer the best application services for these floorings to ensure you enjoy all the advantages of these floor coatings. Our expert team ensures flawless application to ensure the durability of these coatings.