Adidas Flagship Store – The Dubai Mall

Completion Date: July 2022

Area Applied: 400 m2

Client: Al Munawel Group LLC

System: Ideal Skin

Adidas AG, known simply as adidas since 1949, is a worldwide German company that was established in 1924 under the name of Gebrüder Dassler Schuhfabrik. The sports brand was founded in the state of Bavaria and over almost a century, the company has grown to become a household name throughout the entire world with its creative designs and production of footwear, apparel, and various other accessories. The iconic Three Stripes logo can be seen to be worn by all age groups, celebrities and most recognisably, on athletes. Through relentless sponsorships and creative marketing, Adidas has earnt its place as the fourth-largest apparel brand in the world. Accompanying the two existing Adidas stores in The Dubai Mall is the newly built Adidas Flagship Store and our workforce were delighted to support the construction process for this prestigious brand.

Ideal Skin, supplied by our partners at Ideal Work, was specified due to the cloudy finish that the system offers and for its ability to obtain the colour of your choice for the surfaces. For this project, our client requested we continue the traditional ‘Adidas Blue’ for the entrance and a concrete grey colour for the remaining area to compliment the garments on display and enhance the surrounding aesthetic. The system was applied to the floors and walls and thanks to the 1-2mm thickness, our workforce was able to apply it directly onto the preexisting surface, saving time and reducing any site wastage. Ideal Skin is applied seamlessly which also offers easy to clean qualities and reduces buildup of bacteria, increasing the chances of minimal maintenance and supporting with product longevity.

Our workforce continues to amaze our clients with their experienced methods of application and ability to bring their ideas to life. Client satisfaction is the most important factor for our projects and we consistently assist them by offering different options of materials, colours and finishes to meet their design requirements. Each member of our team creates a synergy that cannot be replicated and with beautiful finishes such as this, our surfaces will continue to develop within the design and build industry.