Al Arabiya Studios

Completion Date: May 2020

Area Applied: 2,400 m2

Contractor: MBC Group

System: 3D High Gloss Epoxy Flooring

Launching in 2003, Al Arabiya has become an established household name known worldwide due to their highly viewed broadcasts and variety of news, sports and stock market programs. With Al Arabiya obtaining the title of “second most frequently watched channel in Saudi Arabia”, the quality of their studios in Dubai Media City rightfully deserve an outstanding finish, which is why Duphill Technical Solutions were selected to support MBC Group in bringing their flooring requirements to life.

Duphill’s 3D High Gloss Epoxy Flooring with artistic vinyl was selected for this project to achieve a creative, unique finish whilst also possessing vast functional purposes. Duphill’s material, different to normal painted vinyl flooring, offers depth to the design that was chosen by MBC and allows the studio floors to run seamless, making them immune to dirt, dust and water. With studios as grand as Al Arabiya, Duphill recognize that the flooring is crucial to the aesthetic of the broadcasts and our goal was to maintain a continuous, varnished look with great intentions of catching the viewers’ attention. The easy to clean 3D High Gloss Epoxy is also highly durable making it perfect for the Al Arabiya studio due to the ability to withstand vast amounts of traffic and heavy equipment.

Duphill’s highly qualified and experienced team of craftsman applied the 3D High Gloss Epoxy flooring in 3 weeks and created a breath taking finish with extraordinary designs for MBC Group. Our team are honored to have their work of art visible to all the viewers of Al Arabiya worldwide with international recognition enhancing the legacy of Duphill Technical Solutions.