Al Furjan Villa – Private Residential Garden

Completion Date: August 2023

Area Applied: 175m2

Client: Landlord

System: Rasico®

Al Furjan is a dynamic residential community that embodies modern living at its finest. Comprising a harmonious blend of villas, townhouses, and apartment complexes, Al Furjan offers a diverse range of housing options to cater to varied lifestyles. Its strategic location provides easy access to key landmarks, business districts, and entertainment hubs, enhancing convenience for residents. Boasting meticulously landscaped parks and communal spaces, Al Furjan fosters a vibrant community spirit and promotes a balanced lifestyle. With its commitment to quality infrastructure, it is no surprise that the area continues to grow larger each year and undergo various refurbishments throughout the community. For this residential client, we were selected to provide a seamless Microcement solution to give their pool area a new life with endless additional benefits.

Rasico, an avant-garde flooring solution distributed by our partners at Ideal Work, stands out for its superior qualities in UV resistance and slip resistance. Crafted using state-of-the-art technology, Rasico boasts remarkable resilience against intense UV rays, ensuring that its vibrant colors endure and resist fading over extended periods. Furthermore, its specially designed surface provides an elevated degree of slip resistance, thereby elevating safety across diverse environments, ranging from residential to commercial settings. The innovative amalgamation of UV and slip resistance in Rasico establishes it as a dependable and visually alluring option, ideally suited for spaces where durability and safety hold utmost significance, while retaining an enticing aesthetic appeal.

The exceptional abilities and forward-thinking innovation of our team consistently astonish our clients, transforming ideas into tangible successes with finesse. Our endeavors are centered on ensuring client contentment, and we consistently exceed expectations by presenting a diverse range of material, color, and finish choices that seamlessly align with their design visions. Every member of our team contributes distinctively to a synergy that is unparalleled, and the remarkable results we attain are positioned to reshape the design and construction industry’s landscape.