Al Ghurair Centre

Completion Date: December 2023

Area Applied: 396 m2

Client: Al Ghurair Properties

System: Veneziana Terrazzo

Built on an empty plot of land in 1981, Al Ghurair Centre was the first modern shopping mall project of its kind in the Middle East. Within no time, it became the most prominent mall in Dubai, setting new standards for retail along the way. In 2013, Al Ghurair Centre underwent an expansion to deliver a better and unique experience. The addition of 150 new stores was complemented by a world-class family entertainment centre, premium & popular dining concepts, an additional to 60,000 square feet of office space, a serviced-apartment complex, a 5-star hotel and many other attractions. In 2022, Al Ghurair Properties decided to expand their retail premises to accommodate the anticipated increased footfall.

The Terrazzo flooring of Al Ghurair Centre is considered a landmark for all Terrazzo flooring installers in the Middle East being the oldest Terrazzo installation and the most unique in terms of its vibrant colours and significant detailing. Duphill was privileged to be the appointed specialist to engineer and install the terrazzo flooring works at the expansion of Al Ghurair Centre.

Our team’s experience allowed us to meticulously replicate the terrazzo binder colour and aggregate matrix that have been installed more than 20 years ago to have a perfect termination between the old and new floors.

Our product of choice was our own in-house Cementitious Terrazzo (Veneziana). Veneziana is known for its extreme durability and fast-drying properties making it a state-of-the-art Cementitious Terrazzo binder which can accommodate a wide range of colours and aggregates to offer the desired aesthetics with an unmatched performance.

In addition to matching the existing colours and aggregate matrices, the next challenge was extending the existing metal trims to offer a continuation of the existing design. Our team of talented and highly experienced technicians were able to meticulously overcome this challenge with flying colours.

Duphill’s workforce, highly experienced in installing our selection of exclusive materials, were able to support Al Ghurair Properties in achieving their required finish and extend the existing Terrazzo floors seamlessly throughout the extension areas. Whether it be decorative, industrial or hygienic products, our vast knowledge within the construction industry reflects throughout all of our application with the team’s impressive attention to detail and passion towards each project.  With our beautifully crafted finishes continuing to impress our extensive list of prestigious clients, Duphill’s applications will continue to speak volumes and contribute to the development of our legacy.