Al Raha Beach

Completion Date: September 2018

Area Applied: 4,965 m2

Contractor: Ghantoot Group

System: Crystal Inlay

Located predominantly in Khalifa City, Abu Dhabi, Al Raha Beach spreads over 5.2 million square meters and can accommodate 120,000 residents. Al Raha Beach is visited for residential and leisure purposes and with such a wide range of visitors, the walk ways needed to guarantee durability whilst offering extraordinary visual qualities. Duphill was selected to apply their Crystal Inlay material for these reasons and the results have met the requirements of our client and have impressed the public with its unique finish.

Duphill’s detailed precision with Crystal Inlay is what made them the perfect partner for this precise job. Our team of experienced craftsmen used a combination of semi-precious crystal, natural rocks and recycled glass to create an unrepeatable finish with a unique aesthetic to attract the many visitors of Al Raha beach. Crystal Inlay is extremely resistant to high and low temperatures and provides a seamless finish which provides assistance with reducing the buildup of substances such as sand, dust, dirt and bacteria.  The combination of materials used with Crystal Inlay allowed the Al Raha beach flooring to obtain a waterproof, stain resistant, and antimicrobial surface which requires low maintenance whilst maintaining its impeccable finish.

Crystal Inlay is a method of flooring that cannot be applied by the average installation team. The attention to detail that Duphill’s meticulous team offer, allowed Duphill to apply this flooring to 4,965 m2 in just 12 weeks and the finished results were outstanding. Duphill are always honored to display their quality of our work, especially to an area with such a high footfall of visitors and residents. The creativity of this product is just one of the contributions to Duphill’s growing legacy.