B2B Solutions

Completion Date: August 2023

Area Applied: 350 m2

Client: Lloyd Design Fitouts

System: Forcrete Micro-Quartz

B2B Solutions is a Spanish Information Technology Services Company, which leads a group of IT Companies specialized on the Connectivity and integration of Business Systems. As consultants and architects specializing in integration, B2B Solutions are always close to their clients in order to offer solutions based on the most advanced technology, to ensure that their systems always keep pace with their businesses. They create solutions for the integration of business systems and e-Business platforms fully tailored to their client’s needs. Quality, fully secure solutions, ensuring the fulfilment of development times. For their office in Dubai, B2B Solutions engaged with Duphill for the specification and execution of their floors. Forcrete Microquartz was chosen as the most durable Epoxy resin-based microcement system providing excellent abrasion, impact and water resistance properties.

Forcrete Microquartz stands as a versatile and high-performance flooring system that seamlessly combines durability with aesthetic allure. Comprising a fusion of top-grade quartz aggregates and advanced resin systems, this flooring solution guarantees a resilient and slip-resistant finish. Its applicability spans across diverse settings, encompassing commercial, industrial, and residential spaces. The system’s distinct amalgamation of materials allows for customization of texture, color, and pattern, making it a favoured option among architects and designers in search of a unique flooring solution. Microquartz is the only known microcement system that is 100% waterproof by design without relying on a water/solvent based sealer to create a waterproof barrier. Furthermore, Forcrete Micro-Quartz is effortless to clean and maintain, ensuring enduring durability and visual appeal. Whether your project necessitates a high-performance flooring system for a commercial establishment or a residential setting, Forcrete Micro-Quartz proves to be an exceptional choice.

With an outstanding workforce and a range of exclusive materials, Duphill provided crucial assistance to our client in achieving their desired finish and elevating the overall experience at the office. Our team’s extensive expertise in decorative, industrial, and hygienic products shines through in every project, demonstrating impressive attention to detail and unwavering dedication. As we consistently impress our esteemed clientele with our impeccably crafted finishes, Duphill’s legacy will endure and continue to contribute to the advancement of the industry.