Baku Café – City Walk

Completion Date: October 2018

Area Appled: 1,200 m2

Contractor: Ideal Concepts

System: Microtopping®

Baku Café, located in City Walk and home to a grand variety of Azerbaijani sweets and dishes, delivers the diverse taste of Azerbaijan without leaving the UAE. Named after the capital of Azerbaijan, Baku Café offers an outstanding aesthetic whilst giving its customers authentic Pilaf and Kebab dishes. With traditional food and a stand out location, Duphill’s Microtopping® was the perfect solutions for the Cafes floors and walls due to its unique look and highly durable qualities.

Microtopping® is one of Duphill’s leading materials and contributes greatly to the success and legacy of the company. Supplied by our partners at Ideal Work, Microtopping® was applied to 1,200 m2 of the walls and floors to give the Baku Café a visually impressive wall finish which stands out from other restaurants located in City Walk. Whilst offering a vast choice of different colours, textures and patterns, Microtopping® also guarantees extreme durability and requires very low maintenance with many years of use. With a thickness of 3-4mm the material can be applied on top of the current flooring or walls and when applied by Duphill’s prestigious team of craftsmen, Microtopping® can be installed to your chosen areas in just 5 days. With Duphill’s experience of its application and the high quality of products, Duphill were able to give Baku Café the new appearance which was requested whilst creating seamless and hygienic surfaces for their everyday use.

Ideal Work’ Microtopping® was applied by Duphill’s dedicated team in just 5 days and the benefits of the material have shown both Baku Café and the visitors of the restaurant the importance of choosing the right partner for this type of renovation. With experience of over 10 years, Duphill’s efficiency is unlike any other and with each member of the team taking pride in their work, Duphill are consistently surpassing their clients requirements.