Campo Das Cebolas, Lisbon, Portugal

Completion date: 2018

Client: Municipality of Lisbon

Architect: João Luís Carrilho da Graça

System: Diathonite Acoustix & Argatherm Acoustix (Skim Coat)

Situated in the center of the Infante Dom Henrique Avenue, the Campo das Cebolas is located in one of the most popular historical areas of Lisbon; a place where different eras of Lisbon’s history meet. A collective of renowned Portuguese artists and architects were invited to decorate and construct new areas within the district including the famous four staircase panels by Maria Keil, Carlos Botelho, Júlio Pomar and Alice Jorge, and Sá Nogueira and the new underground parking facility by Architect João Luís Carrilho da Graça. All of the new artwork and architecture is linked by the Portuguese culture and the relationship with the sea, creating an extraordinary mix of history and modernity. The new car parking facility was required to obtain the highest sound quality throughout whilst remaining sustainable and eco-friendly. For this, Diasen’s Diathonite and Argatherm Acoustix were the perfect systems for functionality and aesthetic.

After preparation of the pre-existing surface, the cutting-edge and natural cork-based plaster system – Diathonite Acoustix, in addition to the cork-based Skim Coat – Argatherm Acoustix, was applied to over 5000 m2 of the ceilings within the underground car park. Installed according to Diasen recommendations, the Diathonite is spray applied in two coats, each 1.5cm in thickness, to enhance the sound quality, eliminate echoing and deliver an aesthetically pleasing finish at just 3cm thickness. Diathonite and Argatherm Acoustix are extremely breathable systems that support the interior humidity and makes sure it is perfectly balanced, preventing the formation of mold and condensation. The systems are also Class A1 fire rating according to UNI EN ISO 13501-1. The zero-flame generation and smoke emission qualities are crucial for areas with such large mass within countries which reach high temperatures.

In an extremely impressive timeframe, the Diathonite and Argatherm Acoustix were installed throughout the car park and the stunning finish of the acoustic system continues to be recognised by many visitors of the facility. Diasen’s premium quality acoustic systems ensure that the customers satisfaction is met, and the system will continue to benefit them for years to come. The superior quality of Diathonite and Argatherm Acoustix ensure the client is getting the best option on the market whilst supporting the movement towards more sustainable products throughout the refurbishment and new build sector.