Completion Date: January 2022

Area Applied: 300 m2

Client: Casinetto

System: FasTop™ Multi Screed RS69

Adopting their name from Il Casinetto, a family-run olive oil farm in Italy, Casinetto honours itself in providing authentic Italian foods to the homes of Dubai. From two kilograms of delicious guancialie to small tins of original Parmigiano Reggiano, the prestigious food supplier aims to deliver a genuine taste of the Bel Paese to the Middle East. With more than 2,000 high quality Italian food items consistently being delivered directly from Italy, Casinetto’s transport and storage techniques are known to be sublime due to their skilled and knowledgeable team of transporters. Located within one of the leading business parks in Dubai, Dubai Investment Park, is Casinetto’s headquarters and storage area. The 300m2 cold store area is required to have a durable, long-lasting flooring system to withstand the cold temperatures, and supreme hygienic properties to maintain the quality of the food and therefore we recommended Sherwin Williams FasTop™ Multi Screed RS69.

Our experienced workforce applied the four-component cementitious polyurethane screed throughout the cold store to allow the Casinetto team to reap the many benefits of the eminent hygienic flooring solution. With the ability to withstand -50°F to 266°F temperatures, RS69 was the perfect product and a stand-out selection within the Sherwin Williams FasTop™ collection. Ideal for areas subject to heavy mechanical traffic and areas with high hygiene demands, FasTop™ RS69’s ISO 22196 certification validates the products grand capabilities and boasts the advanced antibacterial benefits that are offered from the reputable flooring system. When applied by a team of highly qualified applicators, the flooring solution also promises a quick turnaround, avoiding extensive facility closures, whilst meeting the requirements of our clients’ timescales.

Our team of specialist flooring experts are constantly pushing the boundaries within the refurbishment and new build industry, with their outstanding finishes as a testimony to their achievements. Be it Industrial, Hygienic, or Decorative solutions, each member of the workforce has perfected the craft of applying our vast collection of exclusive products throughout countless projects and training sessions.