Cipriani Office – DIFC

Completion Date: August 2023

Area Applied: 250 m2

Client: Buildrite Group

System: Decorkrete

Cipriani, a renowned Italian restaurant chain, embodies timeless elegance and culinary excellence. With a legacy spanning decade, Cipriani has captivated diners worldwide with its sophisticated ambiance and exceptional cuisines. The brand’s signature dishes, such as the iconic Bellini cocktail and sumptuous pasta creations, reflect a harmonious fusion of tradition and innovation. Cipriani’s luxurious venues, marked by opulent décor and impeccable service, offer patrons an unforgettable dining experience. Spreading the word of Italian culture, Cipriani’s ever-growing success has led to the brand taking their sophisticated restaurants and outstanding ingredients worldwide, including the Middle East, in which our experienced workforce supported the construction of the new office located in DIFC, Dubai.

Decorkrete emerged as the optimal flooring solution, seamlessly aligning with a multitude of office settings due to its sleek application. Its robustness, resistance to wear, and effortless upkeep render it perfect for bustling environments, and its adaptable nature accommodates diverse design styles, ranging from minimalist to industrial, thereby enhancing the office’s visual appeal. Decorkrete boasts a swift installation method that minimizes disruptions to work processes, while its seamless surface curbs dust accumulation and simplifies cleaning. On the whole, Decorkrete harmonizes functionality and aesthetics, delivering a contemporary, enduring, and low-maintenance flooring alternative that enhances the atmosphere and efficiency of office spaces.

leave our clients in awe as they adeptly apply their methodologies to transform concepts into tangible realities. Our projects are underpinned by a commitment to client satisfaction, and we unfailingly provide support by offering an array of material, color, and finish options that seamlessly cater to their design requirements. Each member of our team contributes uniquely to an invaluable synergy, and with such outstanding outcomes, our surfaces are poised to redefine the trajectory of the design and construction industry.