Cloud Kitchen

Completion Date: November 2020

Area Applied: Floors: 220 m2 Walls: 280 m2 Ceilings: 225 m2

Contractor: Cloud Restaurant Management

System: FasTop SL45 SRA & Glassbord PIF

During the unpredictable times of COVID-19, the demand for food via delivery sored to a height it has never seen before. With the help of Cloud Kitchens, all of your food delivery needs can now be catered for in record timing. Cloud Kitchens were created in 2020 to allow your restaurant to operate as usual whilst having a separate kitchen focused on delivery only. This concept allows you to minimize additional costs that come with expanding your current restaurant and focus solely on the food without any interruptions from behind the scenes. With Cloud Kitchens expanding in conjunction with the increased demand of delivery food, Duphill were ready to create a hygienic, aesthetically pleasing masterpiece for cloud kitchen staff to put to good use.

FasTop SL45 and Glasbord PIF were selected for this job, both sharing beneficial characteristics but showing great results in their own scopes. Sherwin Williams’ FasTop SL45 was selected for the floors due to its outstanding antimicrobial qualities and durable, robust surface. SL45 is also a no odor, non-taint polyurethane screed which improves indoor air quality with its low VOC and is compliant with ISO 22196. On top of the floors, we also used Glasbord PIF, supplied by our partners at Crane Composites, for the walls and ceilings. Glasbord is a HACCP certified, easy to clean, Mold and Mildew free fiber glass material used for Kitchens due to is extremely hygienic, highly resistant qualities. From chemicals to high/low temperatures to large amounts of traffic, all materials Duphill install are guaranteed to meet the requirements of your work environment.

Duphill’s team of experienced craftsmen were able to able to apply the FasTop SL45 to 220m2 of the floor and Glasbord PIF to 280m2 of the walls and 225m2 of the ceiling in just 12 days. The efficiency and precision of the team is evident in every project Duphill deliver, as well as their ability to recommend the latest products in the market, which is what makes Duphill’s legacy what it is today.