Diamond Exchange

Completion Date: September 2019

Area Applied: 540 m2

Contractor: DMCC

System: Nuvolato Architop

Located in the Almas Tower (JLT), Dubai Diamond Exchange is “shaping the future of global trade”. Accounting for 75 billion USD annually in the gold markets and diamond trading hubs with over 18,000 companies registered, it is safe to say Dubai Diamond Exchange’ vast success should be reflected in their main office. For a highly honorable renovation like this, Duphill were selected for our wide knowledge and expertise in the requested material.

The textures, colors and patterns can all be modified to suit the requirements of Duphill’s clients. Duphill’s experience and understanding of Nuvolato Architop is what separates Duphill from the competition. Supplied by  Duphill’s partners at Ideal Work, this material was the perfect choice for Dubai Diamond Exchange due to its unique visual qualities and ability to maintain a fine finish for future generations. The areas Duphill’s skilled team applied the Architop to were subject to high traffic which is why we needed a flooring solution that would withstand day to day use whilst guaranteeing visual satisfaction. Architop is applied at 3/4mm and allowed Duphill to apply the flooring solution without having to remove the current floor, reducing waste and making the application as cost effective as possible for DMCC.

Duphill’s experience with Nuvolato Architop is a large contribution to Duphill’s legacy. The highly qualified team were able to apply this material in 2 weeks and the finish of the flooring was unlike any other. The durability is still proving to be beneficial to this day and because of this durability, it has required minimal maintenance since the application. Our team were honoured to apply the Architop for Dubai Diamond Exchange and the results created an outstanding aesthetic for the office and entrance.