Different Types Of Decorative Flooring Options

The broadest surface in your home is the floor, and the best flooring for you will vary depending on your needs, lifestyle, and aesthetic choices. Although there are many different types and designs of decorative flooring possibilities, wood, carpet, vinyl, tile, and engineered surface materials are all popular options. Learn further about the most common types of flooring, the best features of each element, the best uses for each, and typical flooring prices.

3D flooring

3D Epoxy flooring is undoubtedly a distinct fusion of cutting-edge epoxy resin technology with a wonderful resurgence of ornamental ideas and artistic techniques. Additionally, this is a build-up multi-layer coating with topcoats made of transparent polymers, epoxy resins, unique acrylic-cementitious compounds, and 3D murals. In practical terms, the high-quality ornamental Mural – Vinyl Decal Wallpaper forms the basis of 3D Epoxy technology.

Well-known benefits of self-levelling 3D epoxy floor art over alternative floor coverings include:

  • Versatility—can be used in different spaces 
  • Seamless flooring—easy cleaning and maintenance
  • Environmentally friendly and ecological
  • Resistance to water and chemicals
  • Variety of designs and decorative elements.

Metallic epoxy flooring

Simple low-yellowing epoxy with added metallic pigment makes up a metallic epoxy floor finish. To put it another way, epoxy resin is combined with small, almost glitter-like pigments before being poured onto a surface like a floor or other surface, by being stirred up with a paintbrush or roller, these pigments aggregate, separate, twist, and twirl to reflect light in various directions. As the epoxy eventually dries, the metallic pigments get fixed in place, giving the design a three-dimensional, swirly appearance. The installation method is crucial in achieving the desired design because it defines how the floor will ultimately look.

The metallic epoxy floor finish has several other benefits besides being aesthetically pleasing. Metallic epoxy floor coatings can be made in order to be very long-lasting, low-yellowing, seamless, slip-resistant, and chemical-resistant. This flooring will not only meet your performance requirements, but it will also look good. They work well in various settings, including galleries, restaurants, waiting rooms, etc.

Seamless cementitious micro-topping flooring

Unlike traditional tile floors, seamless floors have no joints. They are becoming more and more prevalent because they vividly enlarge spaces, making rooms appear larger. Various ceramic, resin, PVC, porcelain, and concrete materials can be used to create this decorative coating.

As it brings attention to the displayed items and artwork, microtopping is frequently selected to coat the surfaces of museums and shops. In a home, decorative microcement can complement and add value to the widest range of styles. Its understated appearance perfectly complements an essential style, but it also works with vintage, ancient, or baroque styles.

It is highly wear-resistant and has a wide range of colour and tone options. Additionally, it is ideal for an interior makeover since it creates a continuous surface without removing the current floor, which shortens installation time and lowers costs. Among the main benefits are:

  • Microtopping surfaces require extremely little maintenance because there are no joints to collect dirt and bacteria in. Microcement flooring can be cleaned with little more than a wet cloth and some neutral PH detergent.
  • One of the numerous benefits of a seamless floor, such as Microtopping, is that it eliminates the need to remove the old floor in the event of reconstruction. Less invasive intervention is what this means.
  • With seamless concrete floors, areas appear larger since there are no joints to confine the environment in a grid. They are ideal for large rooms, but they may also adorn and add value to smaller places.

Terrazzo Flooring

A composite material used for floors and walls is called terrazzo, which in Italian means “terrace.” Stone, glass, marble, and granite are just a few of the materials that are included in cementitious terrazzo. Everything is bound together using a binder. Terrazzo is long-lasting, attractive, stylish, and reasonably priced. Concrete and terrazzo are durable materials with a long lifespan. Terrazzo is resistant to environmental elements like water damage. It’s easy to clean and durable enough to handle high use.

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