Dubai College

Completion Date: January 2018

Area Applied: 370m2

Client: Jasaf Building Technology

System: Lixio® Microterrazo

The Dubai College, established in 1978 by Tim Charlton, is a non-profit organization administered by the board of governors. Attended by students in the academic years of seven to thirteen, the college is home to over one thousand students and staff. Dubai College’s GCSE and A Level grades have shown great results with up to 52% of Dubai College leavers now studying at the top 1% of universities worldwide. Dubai College is evidently a college of great achievements and when the new reception area was being built, the aesthetic and quality needed to reflect on these achievements.

Duphill’s team of highly qualified craftsmen installed Lixio® Microterrazzo, supplied by our partners at Ideal Work. Lixio® Microterrazzo was the perfect way to meet any durability requirements whilst also offering creative control in the colouring of the base coat and the colour of the quartz added on top of the base coat. Due to the high volume of visitors, staff and students, Dubai College needed a flooring solution that is not only going to catch the eye of any visitors but will also withstand the constant flow of traffic within the reception area. The coloured quartz not only gives a unique finish but the extra layer of stone and epoxy coating supports the strength against impact and allows the floor to maintain the remarkable finish with very low maintenance. With a college as prestigious as Dubai College the easy to clean, outstanding finish of this flooring was the perfect option to represent the college’s numerous accolated and achievements.  Duphill’s dedicated team were honoured to work on this project.

Over a period of 8 days, Duphill’s team of specialists were able to apply the Lixio® Microterrazzo to 370 m2 of the reception area. The detail and quality of the finished floor is what separates Duphill from any other installation companies. The team, with over 10 years’ experience, not only guarantee satisfaction visually but also the longevity of Duphill’s selected materials promise remarkable results for years to come.