Dubai Properties Asset Management

Completion Date: March 2019

Area Applied: 650 m2

Client: Multiline Interiors LLC

System: Microtopping®

Covering 10 communities within the city, Dubai Asset Management offers reliable rental homes for both residents and visitors. The diverse range of properties that Dubai Asset Management provide have been accommodating the communities of Dubai for over 13 years and the wide spectrum of housing options have found home to over 100,000 people. As part of Dubai Properties, the company has managed to cover 20 million m2 of the city. With a grand coverage of that size, the main office needed to reflect the companies many achievements with a unique and powerful aesthetic.

The material chosen for this prestigious job was Microtopping®, a great contributor to Duphill’s legacy. The 3-4mm thickness allowed Duphill to apply Microtopping® to both the floors and the walls without removing the original surface, saving time and waste within the office. Microtopping®, one of Duphill’s most creative systems from their extensive range, allowed the office to achieve the precise finish that the client was looking for, whilst meeting the durability and maintenance requirements that come with such a high profile organisation. Microtopping® is supplied by Duphill’s partners Ideal Work and the technique has been perfected by Duphill’s professional team of craftsmen over the 10 years of Duphill’s operations. The material was the perfect option for the office due to its easy to clean, seamless surface, allowing the office to maintain its modern finish for many years to come.

Duphill’s skilled team were able to apply Microtopping to the office floors and walls in just 21 days and the results were outstanding. Each member of the team plays a crucial role towards the finished masterpiece, which leads to efficient and outstanding results. Duphill’s team members take pride and responsibility in each project they cover and with these strong characteristics, the satisfaction of Duphill’s clients is met with ease.