Emirates Flight Catering – Food Point

Completion Date: April 2020

Area Applied: 5,500m2

Client: EKFC (Emirates Flight Catering)

System: Stonshield UTS

Emirates Food Catering – Food Point, located in Dubai Investment Park, is a food production facility capable of catering for 52 million meals per year. The 10,000m2 facility is a one of the leaders in airline meal production from the Middle East to Europe. The extensive health and safety regulations allow every meal to leave the facility with the highest standard of food hygiene, whilst offering some of the best quality ingredients. The facility follows ISO, HACCP and ITCA (International Travel Catering Association) guidelines and any refurbishments to the facility would need to follow these guidelines, which is why Duphill’s Stonshield UTS was selected for this project.

Supplied by Duphill’s  partner Stonhard, Stonshield UTS was selected for the application. Duphill’s team, with over 10 years of experience in hygienic flooring, identified this would be the best suited flooring solution for this project for many reasons. Stonshield UTS has a offers numerous benefits for food production facilities including its antimicrobial and seamless surface, making it easy to clean and highly resistant to chemicals, high and low temperatures and heavy impacts.  With heavy equipment being placed on the surface, the material Duphill chose needed to guarantee longevity and Stonshield UTS was the perfect solution for these requirements. Stonshield UTS is also HACCP and ISO certified.

Our extensive range of high performance systems supported by our dedicated team of specialists is what separates Duphill from the competition. The efficiency of the team allowed 5,500m2 of the area to be covered by the Stonshield UTS in just 4 weeks. It was an honour to be able to contribute to the success of the Emirates Flight Catering’s leading food distribution centers the results of the flooring will speak volumes for years to come.