Epoxy vs. Cementitious Terrazzo

Are you looking for flooring options for your new house? Well, then, Terrazzo might be an option you would want to consider. It combines several minerals like marble, granite, and quartz and can be applied to most surfaces. It has remained a constant choice for architects and interior designers alike, as Terrazzo can create outstanding visuals in residential and commercial areas.

Terrazzo is also known to be one of the most environment-friendly choices out there when it comes to flooring. It is quite durable and has been a popular choice for many years.

The two most preferred choices for Terrazzo are cementitious and epoxy. This article will go through the differences between the two and which Terrazzo you should go for when designing your space.

What is Cementitious Terrazzo?

Cementitious Terrazzo is a better choice for complicated areas such as exterior applications and renovations. Compared to Epoxy Terrazzo, cementitious terrazzo flooring is known to be more thick and heavy, making it a better option for outdoor use. It offers a lot of designs that have various earthy tones.

What is Epoxy Terrazzo?

Epoxy Terrazzo is an amalgamation of epoxy and a few other aggregates. Epoxy generally works better for multi-story housing systems, as it is lightweight compared to other types of Terrazzo. If an epoxy mixture is used for binding, it helps in creating an extraordinarily glossy and smooth finish. This is why glossy epoxy floors are popular in public areas.

Pros and Cons of Epoxy and Cementitious Terrazzo

Let us now examine the pros and cons of both these flooring options.

Pros and Cons of Cementitious Terrazzo:


  • Cementitious Terrazzo works well for indoor as well as outdoor applications. 
  • It is resistant to exposure to UV-ray 
  • It offers a wide range of colour palettes


  • Cementitious Terrazzo flooring colours are not as vibrant as epoxy terrazzo. 
  • It usually takes longer to dry out completely; it can take about a week.
  • Cement terrazzo has a minor possibility of chipping away, hence requiring renovations.


  • Epoxy terrazzo does not need regular maintenance. Once installed, the flooring lasts longer and is less susceptible to any wear and tear.
  • It gives an extremely glossy and beautiful finish. Epoxy floorings are high on shine and drastically improve the aesthetics of a place.
  • All decorative epoxy floorings are waterproof, making them ideal for bathrooms and kitchens.
  • Epoxy terrazzo has numerous colour schemes for designers experimenting with patterns and designs.


  • Epoxy terrazzo surfaces can be damaged if used outdoors due to harmful UV rays; hence it is recommended to use it indoors only.
  • It is a must to hire a professional while installing epoxy terrazzo systems.

How to choose?

After reading the pros and cons of epoxy and cementitious Terrazzo, we hope you have clarified which option would be better for your design project. If you’re looking for bright colours, want a variety of colour palettes to choose from, or want really glossy finish flooring, then epoxy flooring is your answer! It also cures very quickly, so you don’t have to worry about that.

However, if you’re looking for Terrazzo that would be convenient for outdoor and indoor use, then perhaps cementitious Terrazzo is a better option. Also, you won’t have to bother if you live in a country with lots of moisture in the atmosphere, as cementitious terrazzo floors are good at handling moisture. You also get more security as it is a thicker and heavier flooring system.

Before you begin renovating your space or working on a client project, you must consult a thorough and seasoned professional who will guide you in narrowing down your research.


With this, we end this article wherein we did a comparative analysis of epoxy terrazzo and cementitious Terrazzo, which has been a burning question amongst architects and designers. As you must have noted, each Terrazzo has its own specialty, and you must choose accordingly.

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