Exceptional Landscaping Ideas (Rasico & Sassoitalia)

An excellent approach to raise the aesthetic value of your house and create places for entertainment and relaxing, is to update the landscaping around it. There are numerous alternatives and aspects to consider – whether you choose to concentrate on enhancing charm with a reinvented front yard, creating a rear getaway with dining and gathering facilities, or both.

Having said that, exterior thin-bed concrete flatwork coverings are a good option, especially Rasico and Sassoitalia. They enable you to cover the external areas without tearing down the current flatwork. This is a significant element in home restorations since it requires less intrusive garden restructuring like destroying old flatwork. Furthermore, it eliminates the chance of waterproofing damage.

Rasico and Sassoitalia Top Flooring Trends

Rasico and Sassoitalia floors are systems that are long-lasting and extremely robust. They can be installed quickly and with minimum disruption.  Sassoitalia, and Rasico both have their own style, effects, and aesthetics.

  • Rasico: A revolutionary thin, seamless exterior concrete coating with a unique texture.
  • Sassoitalia: The most traditional and characteristically Italian exterior concrete flooring. It is made of concrete and some special Venetian seeded aggregates, and it provides a stunning exterior flatwork that matches the surroundings.

Perfectly suited to typical Italian-style settings surrounded by nature, these landscaping solutions in concrete mimic the natural splendour of rock, stones, bricks, ceramics, and even wood. They offer distinctive finishes for private hardscapes, gardens, and patios of villas or housing estates. It is an excellent choice for making slip-resistant pool decking.

Rasico Textured Concrete Floor Trends

It is an outdoor concrete floor with a thickness of just 3-4 mm, designed to swiftly cover an existing floor and transform it into a fresh, smooth surface without the need for demolition. As a result, it is suitable for remodeling.

Its distinguishing feature is a unique texture that may be changed throughout the application process. The innovative texture of Rasico creates a rough and tactile feel. It comes in two varieties that may be customized: Rasico “classic,” which is on the rougher side, and Rasico “touch,” which is smooth and silky.

The colour may also be selected from a palette of 29 clean and tasteful hues, from dove-gray to brown, from silver to zinc gray.

Rasico’s cement flatwork solutions are exceptionally resistant to even heavy usage and extremely long-lasting. Its basic appearance perfectly suits the essentiality of Nordic design while retaining the quirky vibrancy of Mediterranean fashion, depending on the colour selected.

It complements modern and contemporary furnishings. External applications include the following:

  • Residential zones
  • Pool sides
  • Exteriors of hotels
  • Terraces
  • Leisure decks

Rasico floors often have squared, rigid proportions, so it is a popular trend to pair them with wide glass windows. This way, it offers a continuous fine and minimalistic surface that nicely suits modern furnishings and contemporary styles. Delicate colours, seamlessness, roughness, and beautiful essentiality: each feature helps to build a well-balanced exterior area.

Leading Sassoitalia Trends: Thin-Bed Aggregate Floor

Sassoitalia is a surface built of concrete and several kinds of aggregates. It enables you to create a range of texture and color combinations and fits well with fine marble, bricks, washed pebbles, slate, and stone.

Sassoitalia floors are ideal for any design and are especially suitable when there are landscaping limitations. They are incredibly thin: with just 3 mm, you may make an exterior floor and cover your previous floor without having to tear it up.

Sassoitalia gives you complete freedom of expression; you may create unique forms and use multiple color combinations while complementing other elements such as:

  • Exquisite marbles
  • Slabs and Blocks
  • Artificial Stones
  • Stone that is natural

There are 10 distinct colours available, which may be blended with white or gray concrete and personalized with various particles. Hay, sand, camel: all the tones are subtle and provide a very natural and soothing impression, capable of blending in with the surrounding environment. Sassoitalia floors complement any style from rural to urban and from the Mediterranean to the Baroque, thanks to these features.

It’s a durable exterior concrete floor that’s easy to install and suitable for any weather condition.

Sassoitalia is popular for outdoor uses such as:

  • Residential zones
  • Rectangles
  • Public walkways
  • Boulevards and historic districts

This coating may also be used in situations where there are specific landscaping limitations.

It is a rising trend to use exterior Sassoitalia floors in white concrete with colored particles that complement the architectural setting and the surrounding environment. It is generally selected for its scenic impact, thin profile, resilience to weather conditions, remarkable durability, and ease of cleaning and maintenance.


The outdoor environment of a home or commercial space is just as crucial as the indoor areas – it’s the space that makes the first impression! You have a variety of landscaping solutions at your fingertips today to ensure that your outdoor spaces look elegant and appealing. Duphill is here to walk right by your side during the journey to enhance the beauty and durability of your outdoor spaces with Rasico and Sassoitalia floors.