Expo 2020 – Multiple Pavilions

Total Area Applied: Over 9,500m2

Client List: ISG Middle East, Al Tayer Stocks, Projex UAE, Acciona, Nijara, Marcoms, Arena Construction

Pavilions Completed: Comoros, Republic of Congo, Ethiopia, Djibouti, Grenada, Nigeria, Malawi, South Sudan, San Marino, Kenya, Myanmar, Zimbabwe, Talabat, Jamaica, Cyprus, Slovakia, UAE, Oman, Jordan, Sierra Leone, Seychelles, Cuba, Uganda, Sri Lanka, Djibouti, Mozambique

Systems Applied: Architop®, Microtopping®, Lixio +®, Sikafloor 264, Resufloor VF, Sikafloor CureHard 24

Opening on 1st October 2021, Expo 2020 is set to be a tourist attraction for the millions of worldwide visitors to the city of Dubai. The international event, taking place every 5-10 years, has been introducing the new technologies and developments of each country for over 170 years, equipping the various regions with a platform to showcase the ideas and innovations that have shaped each country. The historical event has been previewing monumental discoveries such as Charles Baddage’s first mechanical computer back in the London Expo 1862, Alexander Graham Bell’s demonstration of the world’s first telephone and even the debut of popcorn and Heinz Ketchup in the Philadelphia Expo 1876.

With Dubai hosting the event, the features and new innovations are set to be groundbreaking, including the Al Wasl Plaza, the world’s largest unsupported dome. This centerpiece not only demonstrates the success of the event but also the accomplished made within the UAE, setting the tone of progress for the future. The highly anticipated event allows the world to share their visions of the future whilst enjoying the warm weather and breathtaking scenery of the city. Expo 2020 was previously scheduled to open in 2020 but due to covid-19 restrictions, the event had to be pushed back to 2021.

We are immensely honored to have contributed to this iconic event. Our applications throughout the various pavilions are portraying exciting and aesthetically pleasing finishes whilst offering extreme durability and hygienic benefits that come from the various supreme finishes that we installed. From decorative resin floors through Nuvolato Architop floors and Microtopping walls, we have put our stamp on more than 20 pavilions throughout Expo 2020, each unique and creative in their own way.

Thanks to our motivated and professional workforce, each application will be appreciated by millions of attendees of this prestigious event, and we are delighted to support the many high-end contractors and designers to bring life to their ideas. Our team are not only craftsmen in their respective trades, but also their passionate attitude towards each project within Expo 2020 have assisted our clients in achieving the strict deadlines and matching the finishing requirements of each pavilion. The wide selection of solutions offered by Duphill allowed our clients to approach us with a variety of concepts specifically for their pavilions, which Duphill were able to accommodate with ease.  Duphill’s seamless service offering from start to finish contributed to the final results of the applications throughout the event pavilions.

This has given the numerous countries and companies an extra year to prepare their pavilions for the imminent crowds of visitors looking to absorb all the future defying creations that they have to offer and has allowed new ideas to be presented within each area.