Expo 2020 – UAE Pavilion

Completion Date: 2021

Area Applied: 56m2

Client: Acciona

System: Pulastic Classic 100

Expo 2020, containing 191 participating nations, is home to numerous pavilions all showcasing the developments within their countries and what is in store for the future. Taking place in the city of Dubai, the UAE pavilion will be center stage for the vast achievements of the region and will be displaying how the cities of the UAE are embracing the future of technology. Totaling over 15,000 sqm, the pavilion will be hosting a multitude of exhibitions about cultural discovery, architecture, food & beverage, and technology. Within the various attractions, the UAE pavilion will be showcasing holographic images of the desert and Duphill were selected to assist with the construction of the exhibition entrance.

The material we selected for the UAE pavilion was our seamless point-elastic flooring, Pulastic Classic 100. Pulastic is a highly resilient and absorbent sports flooring, perfect for gym areas and other sports areas which undergo vigorous impact damage. Applied at just 1cm, the material has a water-based finish which allows the installation to extract very low odor and provides excellent contact noise reduction. Pulastic was chosen by Duphill to allow the flexible flooring to provide comfort and safety for the users throughout the exhibition whilst also assisting the desert-like aesthetic of the area. The material also comes in various colors, making it an easy choice for creative selection and an aesthetically pleasing choice for the pavilion.

Our efficient workforce are privileged to be part of iconic projects such as Expo 2020 and we are honored to show our niche solutions to the vast crowd of visitors that are set to attend the event. With every member of our team showing passion and dedication to each project, our results will continue to speak volumes throughout the new build & refurbishment industry. Outstanding results like this will continue to contribute to the ever-growing legacy of Duphill.