Firmenich Regional Offices

Completion Date: February 2022

Area Applied: 1,300 m2

Client: ISG Middle East & Bluehaus Group

System: Nuvolato Architop® Floors, Microtopping® Walls, Terrazzo Staircase

Founded as Chuit & Naef in 1895, Firmenich International SA is a private Swiss company in the fragrance and flavour industry. Creating perfumes and flavours for over 125 years, the well-established business prides itself in extensive research and development to discover new alternatives to imitate certain fragrances. Innovations such as ‘Smart Proteins’ allow plant-based protein alternatives to still obtain the satisfactory flavor and smell of the meat items it is replicating. New creations like this are to encourage a more plant-based diet trend to reduce the worlds carbon footprint and increase the intake of natural ingrediencies. With the ever-growing market of fragrance and flavour seeing a consistent increase of requirements, Firmenich have created a regional office to control the market within the middle east and we are privileged to have our contribution to the construction process.

Applying Ideal Works Nuvolato Architop, Microtopping and Lixio +, the entire office is filled with our unrepeatable craftwork. Due to the thin applications of each material, we were able to apply our products directly onto the previous surfaces, reducing site wastage and promising a quick turnaround to meet the client deadlines. All products are extremely useful for designer requirements as we have the ability to mix colours, increase textures or find lighter and darker shades for all areas. Each product that was offered for this project offers high resistance and durability, perfect for withstanding the consistent foot traffic of any busy office areas. With each scope of work requiring a different product and colour scheme, we are greatly honoured to have supported the process from start to finish with our wide variety of finishes for each scope.

We worked closely with ISG and Bluehaus Group to meet the bespoke designs of the client and we look forward to working with this collection of teams again within our future projects. Our team members, all experienced with our various niche materials, exhibited their abilities in all fields of work during this project and we are delighted to have our beautiful finishes displayed throughout three scopes within the project. Projects like Firmenich continue to show that our team is consistently growing with experience and our applications will continue to impress the refurbishment and new build industry.