Green Community Residences

Completion Date: 2021

Area Applied: 40m2

Client: Private Residential Client

System: Microtopping®

Located in the heart of Dubai Investment Park, the Green Community covers 67 hectares of the DIP area with its vast amount residential, retail, and commercial and leisure properties. Priding itself in its stylish, peaceful surroundings, the development offers an exclusive solution of living outside of the main areas of Dubai. With an innovative area like the Green Community, the residential building areas each have different characteristics to cater for the needs of the community and in this case, our client loved her house but felt some areas could be more aesthetically pleasing.

Supplied by Duphill’s partners at Ideal Work, Microtopping® was the chosen solution for this renovation. With the thickness of only 3-4mm, it allowed the team to apply the finish on top of the existing tiles within the kitchen and two washrooms and also the counter top of the wash basin. The seamless finish of Microtopping® not only gave the house a refreshing and modern feel, but also offers an easy to clean, durable surface with the ability to maintain the final finish for over 10 years. The colour and texture choices of Microtopping® allowed our client to reap the durability benefits of regular cement flooring whilst giving her a sleek, rare design with an unrepeatable finish.

Duphill’s qualified team of craftsmen were able to create a masterpiece within the residence of our client and were honored to be able to showcase the true beauty of their work within the household. Taking pride in every project, big or small, is what separates Duphill from the competition.