Brass Monkey

Completion Date: November 2023

Area Applied: 1,300 m2

Client: RK Gulf Contracting

System: Novulato Architop & Veneziana Terrazzo

Brass Monkey is soon to open in City Walk and will be ready for all kinds of monkey business. Whether you want to play, party or dine, swing down with your gang for some seriously good times. From 12 bowling lanes to Autoscoring Darts and the best retro arcade games in Dubai, Brass Monkey is the ultimate hangout. Get your munch on with sharing platters, sliders, pizzas, and old school desserts! With Grooves from the 90’s & 2000’s.

Prospect Design International created an inspired design that included a multitude of floor finishes harmoniously integrated together creating a bespoke aesthetic that combines the raw and contemporary finish of Nuvolato Architop with the versatility and timeless aesthetic appeal of Veneziana Terrazzo.

The aesthetic diversity obtained by combining intricate patterns and homogenous colours of terrazzo with the sleek, minimalist finish of microcement allowed for a wide range of design expressions. The architects played around with the contrasts, blending the rich textures of terrazzo with the smooth, monolithic appearance of microcement.

Veneziana terrazzo is known for its longevity, while Nuvolato Architop provides a durable and easy-to-maintain surface. The combination ensures that the integrated flooring maintains its aesthetic appeal over time with minimal upkeep.

Our workforce, highly experienced with our selection of exclusive materials, were able to support Brass Monkey in achieving their required finishes and transform the concept of Prospect Design International into reality. Whether it be decorative, industrial or hygienic products, our vast knowledge within the construction industry reflects throughout all of our application with the team’s impressive attention to detail and passion towards each project.  With our beautifully crafted finishes continuing to impress our extensive list of prestigious clients, Duphill’s applications will continue to speak volumes and contribute to the development of our legacy.