IMG World of Adventures – Novo Cinema

Completion Date: May 2017

Area Applied: 2,655 m2

Client: IMG Holding LLC

System: Metallic Epoxy flooring

Novo Cinemas, previously known as Grand Cinemas, is one of the leading movie theatre chains within the Middle East with 15 locations across the region for the public to view movie screenings like never before. With an array of niche features such as IMAX screenings, 3D/4D movies and personalized “Butler Services”, Novo gives the viewer an experience to remember. With Novo’s growing success, IMG World of Adventures was selected for the new cinema location to share its high-end experience with the countless visitors of the world’s largest indoor amusement park.

With the colossal number of visitors at IMG World of Adventures, ready to experience Novo’s remarkable movie screenings, Duphill were selected to create a unique, durable flooring finish for the cinema’s lobby. Metallic Epoxy was the recommended solution to meet the requirements of the client due to its ability to withstand consistent traffic whilst creating a visually pleasing aesthetic for the many visitors of the cinema to admire upon arrival. The creativity of using a metallic powder and resin mix allowed the client to explore different patterns and colours whilst the epoxy coating worked to form a hygienic, easy to clean, seamless, and highly durable finish. The glossy finish also allowed the many lights and colours within the lobby to generate a random ‘off the floor’ reflection and create a visually breath-taking surface.

Duphill’s team of highly experienced craftsmen were able to apply the Metallic Epoxy in 5 weeks and with Duphill’s extreme attention to detail, the beauty of this flooring system was portrayed in the ultimate form. Due to its durable, easy to clean qualities, the floor finish will maintain its stunning finish for years to come. The legacy of Duphill is formed by their outstanding results and product knowledge with Epoxy, which has largely contribution to Duphill’s growth and success.