JJ Chicken

Completion Date: August 2018

Area Applied: 142 m2

Client: JJ Chicken

System: Microtopping®

JJ Chicken, the home of authentic charcoal grilled chicken, have established themselves within the food business for the last 10 years and their wide range of satisfied consumers have allowed them to expand and distribute their high quality dishes in 11 restaurants around the UAE. With the restaurant industry is constantly adapting to current trends and new appearances, Duphill’s Microtopping® solution was a perfect way to turn JJ Chicken’s store into a more creative, aesthetically pleasing restaurant.

Microtopping®, supplied by Duphill’s partners at Ideal Work, together with the contribution of Duphill’s legacy, was the chosen material for JJ Chicken’s store to meet their flooring requirements. The goal was to achieve a visually superior floor with a durable finish and, when applied by Duphill, Microtopping® is certain to complete the job required with more benefits than meets the eye. On top of its outstanding appearance, Microtopping® is resistant to high amounts of traffic making it easy to maintain and cost effective. Microtopping®, applied at only 3mm thickness, is also easy to clean due to its smooth, seamless finish making it the ideal solution for JJ Chicken due to the mass amount of potential spillages that occur in restaurants.

Duphill’s extensive knowledge and experience with Microtopping® allowed them to create a remarkable results for JJ Chicken in only 3 days. Microtopping®, the solution with endless possibilities, displays its true value when applied by Duphill’s highly qualified craftsmen with a guarantee of consistent satisfaction for years to come.