Johnson Health Tech

Completion Date: April 2022

Area Applied: 1,200 m2

Client: Makan Interiors

System: Sikafloor 264 SG

Founded in 1975, Johnson Health Tech was built with one mission in mind, to make fitness easier. Offering high quality, innovative fitness products worldwide, Johnson Health Tech’s specialised expertise separate them from the rest of the market with their ability to find the right products for their customers needs. Whether it be Matrix treadmill’s or Synca relaxation furniture, the prestigious company pride themselves with their creative initiatives and “yes-we-can” attitude. Established within the country of Taiwan, Johnsons refreshing approach to fitness and wellness equipment continues to provide easy to obtain machinery for full commercial facilities through to home gyms around the world. In 2015, Johnson’s success led them to expanding their customer reach to the Middle East and within the region, the continuously developing company has acquired numerous large warehouses all over the city. This includes the newest warehouse within Dubai Investment Park and our team were delighted to support the flooring works throughout the facility.

Sikafloor 264 SG Epoxy Coating was the flooring system selected for this project to create a new seamless surface throughout the entire warehousing unit and to offer countless durability benefits. Perfect for withstanding the heavy machinery within the sports equipment facility, Sikafloor 264 SG is extremely popular within industrial units due to the hygiene benefits, quick application methods and high slip resistance. Within warehousing facilities, daily activities can be hindered drastically by issues that occur from flooring works such as contamination, injuries, and damage to products.

Based on the specific usage, Duphill performed an extensive evaluation and therefore recommended the most feasible option for our clients.  This in turn guarantees longevity of a high standard surface whilst supporting our clients commercially. With Duphill’s knowledge and experience, our client will continue to reap the benefits of our flooring systems for years to come. The new surface throughout our client’s warehouse is sure to boost business productivity as it allows the staff members to focus on their day-to-day tasks without the disturbance of unsatisfactory flooring. With over a decade of continuous applications, our team were able to transform the surfaces with ease and with great results like this, Duphill will continue to be recognised as a leader in the industrial refurbishment industry.