Jumeirah Beach Hotel – Bottling Plant

Completion Date: June 2022

Area Applied: FasTop SL45 SRA: 55m2 & FRP Panels: 160m2

Client: Al Madar MGM Construction LLC

System: FasTop SL45 SRA & Glasbord FRP Panels

Founded in 1997, the prestigious Jumeirah Beach Hotel is located in the heart of the city and contains 598 sea-facing rooms, various luxurious amenities and gorgeous scenery surrounding the premises, including the eighth wonder of the world, the Burj Al Arab. The hotel has become a prime location for both tourists and visitors due to the high-quality service that the staff provide and the extravagant atmosphere that can be felt throughout the entire facility. Consistently catering to their guests’ diverse tastes and requirements, the hotel staff produce various drinks for the guests to consume whilst dining in the restaurants, relaxing by the beach or whilst in their hotel rooms during their visit. With specific health and safety requirements taken into consideration, our workforce were selected to provide new surfaces for the entire bottling facility within JBH.

After examining and detailing the requirements of this facility, our team determined that FasTop SL45 SRA would be the best solution for the flooring and Glasbord Fiber Reinforced Plastic (FRP) Panels would be the best solution for the walls and ceiling panels. SL45 RSA, a HACCP Certified and Campden BRI approved antimicrobial (ISO 22196) flooring system, is a 4-5mm thick polyurethane cement resin system that provides extreme slip resistance and supports the minimisation of bacteria due to the antimicrobial components embedded in the flooring system. This area will be subject to consistent liquid spillages and glass breakage, our team recognised this requirement and selected a solution perfect for the usage as it is highly resistant to impact, abrasion and offers additional slip resistance. SL45 SRA was also applied directly onto the previously tiled surface, reducing site wastage and encouraging a fast turnaround.

The FRP panels were selected for the walls and ceiling panels as they offer a highly durable exterior with great resistance to corrosion and an extremely easy to clean surface. For the wall, the panels were installed using a heavy bond adhesive and applied directly to the surface to transform the pre-existing infostructure and offer unmatched hygienic benefits throughout the entire facility. The lightweight nature of the panels allowed our team to install the system into the existing ceiling track with ease and offered a uniform appearance from wall to ceiling. Glasboard FRP is also rated Class A for fire ratings, supporting our client’s facility in case of any unexpected accidents that occur in manufacturing plants.

The knowledge and experience that our team members enabled us to create an unmatched synergy and the bright minds of our workforce reflect their expertise throughout every project we work. If it wasn’t for the passion and desire that our team offer, our client will not be receiving the best solution to their problems and could face issues in the future once the project is completed. We pride ourselves in not only our application but our customer services as well, as we continue to put our customers’ needs first and therefore provide our recommendations on the best solution based on our experience.