Jumeirah Beach Hotel – Dine A Mite

Completion Date: December 2020

Area Applied: 192 m2

Client: Jumeirah Beach Hotel

System: FasTop SL45 – Sherwin Williams

Jumeirah Beach Hotel, a 26 storey masterpiece containing 598 sea-facing rooms and suits, is home to over 20 restaurants and bars including the Dine A Mite Kitchen. Located on Jumeirah Beach Road, the hotel has been offering its many services and relaxed luxury since 1997. With a highly prominent client such as Jumeirah Beach Hotel, Duphill were always extremely honoured to be selected as the installer of the Dine A Mite Kitchen floors.  It was a great opportunity to demonstrate the beauty and coupled with functional benefits of Duphill’s hygienic flooring.

Duphill’s hygienic flooring for the Dine A Mite Kitchen was supplied by their partners, Sherwin Williams. Based on client’s requirements, Duphill found that the best suited material would be FasTop SL45. At only 4-5mm thickness, FasTop SL45 was the perfect solution to provide an aesthetically pleasing, durable flooring finish. The high chemical and temperature resistance of FasTop SL45 makes it ideal for kitchens subject to frequent spillage and high traffic, requiring minimal maintenance and retaining its outstanding finish for over 10 years. FasTop SL45 is also a non-taint, no odor, antimicrobial polyurethane screed which improves indoor air quality with its low VOC whilst remaining compliant of ISO 22196. Thanks to our accomplished team of craftsman, the finish has obtained an outstanding result and confirms the value of Duphill’s expertise as being the chosen partner to carry out this project for Jumeirah Beach Hotel.

FasTop SL45 was applied by our dedicated team to the Dine A Mite kitchen over the duration of 6 days. The results have obtained an exceptional look whilst delivering the beneficial hygienic qualities of a seamless and continuous floor. With no joints or dips in our FasTop SL45 flooring, an easy to clean and slip-resistant floor was guaranteed for the kitchen staff at Jumeriah Beach Hotel to appreciate for years to come.