M.A.D Gallery – Dubai Mall

Completion Date: November 2021

Area Applied: 140m2

Client: Embelle Interiors LLC

System: Nuvolato Architop®

The M.A.D Gallery, showcasing Horological Machines and Mechanical Art Devices worldwide, was established within Geneva in 2011 by MB&F, a company solely focusing on changing the watchmaking industry with their “unconventional timekeeping machines”. Inside the gallery, MB&F give you a chance to see the ongoing technological developments within the industry and explore the diverse designs of the many artists worldwide. Containing a wide variety of impressive timepieces, innovative lighting beacons and jaw dropping artistic technology, MB&F have recently decided to give their Dubai Mall branch a new eye-catching aesthetic to compliment the cutting-edge, futuristic products within the gallery.

To maintain an authentic yet modern feel within the gallery, the system specified to complement that revolutionary design was Nuvolato Architop®. Architop is one of the various Micro-Cement systems which are supplied by our partners at Ideal Work and due to its 3-4mm thickness, it allows us to conquer the weight limitations of traditional concrete whilst still obtaining a highly durable and aesthetically pleasing floor finish. The system is given the name, Nuvolato, due to its cloud-like finish which emanates from the power trowel application and creates “consistently inconsistent” grained patterns throughout the entire area. The sleek and seamless floor finish was applied directly on top the pre-existing screed which not only reduced the site wastage that comes from traditional flooring removals but also reduces the duration of the project, supporting our clients with the tight deadlines.

Our team of talented craftsmen are always honored to support our clients with bringing their ideas to life and create flawless finishes for the countless visitors to admire upon arrival. Each member of our workforce contributes to the success of our projects, and we are highly confidence that our accomplishments will continue to be respected within the New Build & Refurbishment industry for years to come. With great results and a motivated team, the legacy of Duphill will continue to grow and flourish.