Masterpiece Art Gallery – Wafi City

Date Installed: 2021

Area Applied: 165m2

Client: Masterpiece Arts

System: Nuvolato Architop®

Masterpiece Arts, catering for both new and established creators, have a variety of galleries around the world showcasing the creative minds of many artists. Founded within Holland Park, London, the unique gallery and fine art advisory firm was created to display numerous international art pieces including nineteenth century, Post-War art pieces all the way to modern contemporary art. The galleries contain art from prestigious artists such as Derek Boshier, Michael Brennan, David Bowie and various other well-established creators. With great artists and investors to the assets, the Masterpiece Arts galleries have continued to grow globally, including the new branch within Wafi City Mall, Dubai. Duphill were honoured to support Masterpiece with this project and our decorative solutions were sure to improve the artist aesthetic of the gallery.

Supplied by our partners at Ideal Work, Nuvolato Architop was selected due to the robust, visibly decorative features whilst offering extreme durability, perfect for handling the vast footfall that the gallery will be experiencing. Preparation of the flooring is a key factor of all our applications. We removed the previous, defective resin flooring and applied a new cementitious screed before applying our flooring finish. The 3-4mm thickness of Architop allowed us to apply the material onto the screed using a strong bonded primer and create a clouded, cement-like finish to grab the attention of the many visiting art connoisseurs. Architop promises great strength and a wide variety of colours and textures, making it one of our most requested solutions due to its ability to meet numerous design requirements.

Our team of professional craftsmen applied the Nuvolato Architop throughout the gallery and the beautiful materials are set to catch the eyes of the numerous daily visitors and withstand the consistent traffic. The efficiency and precision of our team, coupled with outstanding applications of niche materials is what sets Duphill apart from the competition.