Meraas – City Walk Façade

Completion Date: March 2017

Area Applied: 6,500 m2

Client: Meraas

System: Microtopping®

With a vast range of high-end retailers, hotels, restaurants and residential properties, City Walk is one of the many additions to Meraas’ various retail and leisure destinations. City Walk was launched in 2013 covering over 10 million square meters with a purpose of accommodating for all audiences. With a consumer range of this amount, each facility would have to each have to show an eye catching exterior to stand out from the rest and Duphill’s Microtopping® was a great solution for these requirements.

When applied by our prestigious team of craftsman, Microtopping® gives you the freedom of creativity with every application. With a large choice of textures, patterns and colors, Microtopping® allowed us to offer a range of different options for this Façade and upon Meraas’ request, we were able to meet all of their durability and aesthetic needs. The material is able to withstand all weather conditions which made it perfect for this exterior application and its 3mm thickness allowed us to apply the material without having to remove the existing surface. Microtopping® is supplied by our partners at Ideal work and is a great contribution to Duphill Technical Solutions’ legacy within the new build market.

Duphill’s wide knowledge and experience with Microtopping® is what makes us stand out from the competition. Our efficient and dedicated team completed the Façade in only 10 weeks and the results will maintain a unique finish for years to come. Our team prides themselves in the work we present and each team member plays a large contribution to the end result.